Monitor blood pressure with a watch


The BPro “watch” from HealthSTATS International measures blood pressure and heart rate over 24 hours.


Ting Choon Meng, founder and executive director of HealthSTATS International, believes his innovative solution will have a significant international impact.

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Today, hypertension is diagnosed by a brief test in a doctor’s office. “This is far from ideal,” says Ting.

“Studies have shown the superiority of a 24-hour blood pressure pattern in predicting a stroke [or] a heart attack, and whether you will die from that attack,” he explains.

24-hour monitoring already exists, but it is bulky, with a pump that activates every half hour to tighten its grip, which disrupts a patient’s sleep.

Instead, Ting has developed a BPro “watch” that rests lightly on the wrist’s pulse point and captures the arterial pulse wave. The watch’s sensor converts the pulse waveform into blood pressure and heart rate over 24 hours. It also measures the arterial waveform to provide information on the stiffness of the artery, because stiff arteries can lead to heart failure and stroke.

After 24 hours, the information from the BPro watch can be uploaded to a computer. The occasions when the patient’s blood pressure and heart rate dips or spikes can be identified, and his overall risk moderated by the specific timing and dosage of drugs. The watch’s software and the mathematical formula for interpreting its output have been tested on thousands of patients, and have been patented and received FDA approval.

Source:  Healthstat International. [link to the original page]


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